Darling Nikki, The birth mother of EveryThang Dope was born in 1982 in Richmond, VA. Darling began her journey as a visual artist and musician at a very young age. She is a lover of all things art, hip-hop, and fashion. Growing up she was heavily influenced by some of the biggest hip-hop pioneers of the ’80s, like Queen Latifah and Salt n/ Peppa, and EPMD. Once the 90’s hit (…and man was the 90's LIT), movie directors such as Spike Lee and John Singleton and actors like Lisa Bonet (The Cosby Show) and Kadeem Harrison (A Different World) inspired a cultural shift in fashion, film and black television.

A born creative, Darling Nikki found her passion for thrifting by blending her love of Hip-hop and fervor for culturally nostalgic fashion pieces to create a style all her own. Everythang from leather trenches and bamboo earrings …with the bucket hats to match. Her drippy eye for bold colors and patterns brings a one-of-a-kind look back to vintage streetwear from the past to the future. 

Everythang Dope continues to stand as a culmination of all those things.  

-Darling Nikki, the Birth Mother, and CEO of Everythang Dope